English World

Well, in here you will found a story, or the other in english. I like english, and i think there’s no problem when i make a ‘English World’ page in my blog. When you want to give a comment, include title.

For example: To: Bad, Bad, Bad, Saena! Good story, so after that Saena consisten to her word is not it? okay, mommy was calling me, so, bye…. From: Alicia

House in Hogwarts (21-July-2015) Slytherin: Your house is…Slytherin! Well done? Um, you’re clever, cunning and very good at looking after yourself. You’ll take after…Draco Malfoy and…Voldemort himself. Well done…and please don’t kill us…

Hufflepuff: Your house is…Hufflepuff! Yay! You’re a peacekeeper, a kind and loyal person. You take after people like Cedric Diggory and Tonks! Well done, you lovely person!

Gryffindor ; Your house is…Gryffindor! Yay! You get to carry on in the courageous footsteps of Harry Potter himself! Well done, you brave thing, you!

Ravenclaw: Your house is…Ravenclaw! Well done! You’re a genius, ready to take after Luna Lovegood and Cho Chang! Well done, you little brainiac! okay, bye.


Bad, Bad, Bad, Saena! (22-July-2015)

Created By: Ayesha Sophie Sayyida

I feel angry to Saena, my cousin. She say she will do the Art home work But then, she watched Television until 00:00. She forget to do her home work. And then,(huft!), she woke up late. She woke up in seven thirty, and of course she be late to go to school. At school, she remember she didn’t do her homework. She can’t do it anymore. Uufffft… She got a lot of home work in Art. Mrs. Molly say, “we must not watching TV until night, we can be woke up late, and we can forget to do we’re home work.” she say, Mrs Molly is we’re art teacher.” So, Saena, don’t do it again, okay?” “Okay, Mrs…” Saena answer. And this afternoon, after lunch, i meet Saena. “Well,” i say to Saena. “What?’ she say. “Why you don’t do your home work? After that you can watch Television right?”. Saena down embarrassed. “I forget when i have a home work,” she say. Her voice was barely audible because shame. “Hmf… It’s not an excuse, why you forget?” i ask. Saena looks into my eyes. “Umm, i just… Umm, when… When… Go home, i just remember about Alvin and The Chipmunks, in television, i forget my homework,” Saena answer. “But i remind you right? Why you forget it again?” i still don’t satisfied. “I was told you, Alicia! I JUST REMEMBER ABOUT ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS!! EVEN YOU WAS REMIND ME!!” Saena roared. I shocked. Saena never like that to me. “Okay, but Alvin and The Chipmunks just two hours right? So why you off television when twelve o’clock?” i ask him. Saena silent. “Okay, for now i forgive you, but after this, don’t do it again okay?” i say. Saena nodding. Well, then she didn’t do it again, but she do it the other. Saena is our class treasurer. And we trusted him. But one day… “Saena, where we’re money? We need that money, because we want to picnic in Safari right? Where that money?” ask Charlotte, my friend. Then Saena be pasty. She down embarrased. “I spend that money,” she say quietly . “What!?” we shout, actually Saena of course. I say “Saena, you say you want to go to Safari, but spend the money, how we can go there?” me is the prefect. “Can you replace it Saena? Your money is lot. In your wallet you have two million, and we just need five hundred. Can you give it to me Saena? Tomorrow?” i say. Saena nodding. For she that is no problem. Tomorrow afternoon, we gathered in Charlotte home. Saena give the money to me. I give it to the new class treasurer, Gina. So it’s done. “You are the Bad, Bad, Bad, Saena!” i say to Saena. We laughing. “ Tomorrow i will not be the Bad, Bad, Bad, Saena!” she shout. THE END


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